About Us

Since times immemorial dry Fruits have been a part of our daily food intake and also caters as a special item in auspicious occasions. Along with the innumerable health benefits that they provide, dry fruits are also an excellent source of vital micro nutrients and essential fats that help diminish the risk of chronic life style diseases. The dry fruits have a characteristic long shelf life, pleasant aroma, easy to handle all these properties makes them s a popular for every dietary recommendation.

Having a through knowledge of the health benefits of various dry fruits our portal Dry fruit delight .in came with an wide range of high quality product at an affordable prices at your door steps. Having been wholesale traders for more than a decade we now enter in to online space for providing dry fruits online.

Our main goal is to reach out to wide range of people across the country for providing the goodness of the dry fruits at the most affordable prices .majority of the people can’t afford dry fruits due to exorbitant prices in the market but our vision is the thwart the very idea of cost and to provide the dry fruits at the reach of the common man.

We have a product range of more than 50 different varieties of dry fruits along with assorted gift packing to suit to special occasions like Diwali.

We source our products from reputed suppliers across the globe and the imported product is process, sorted and cleaned in our supervision at our facility to ensure that only the highest quality product is delivered to our esteemed customers. Being a pioneer in the business of dry fruits we are well equipped for last mile delivery with vacuum packing to keep the dry fruits intact and free from any impurities.

We strive for quality of the product we deliver .we plan meticulously to comply to the standards of FSSAI at our food processing facility. We personally monitor the packaging process and adopt stringent quality control methods .This perseverance towards the quality makes us to be a respected suppliers of dry fruits.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves to be the premier and preferred suppliers of highest quality dry fruits and to demolish the myth that dry fruits is the food item of only the rich .to make our dream real we are providing the dry fruits at the most affordable prices in our chosen markets.


with our esteemed customer base , we want to supply and deliver dry fruits that fit your needs and provide the essential health benefits to make India healthy.


We strive for open, honest and fair relationships with our customers. We believe this is the only way to do business.


We will continuously strive to supply finest quality dry fruits in the personal supervision of the top management .we will lead by example to lead our fellow employees to the same standards.


We value our customers. We are dedicated to providing best quality service to our clients and will considerthem as our business partners. Any customer having any grievance can approach the top management directly.